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April 2011

Why Audacity Rocks

Posted on April, 06. 2011 at 23:50 » Open Content Blog

Producing a three hour radioshow using software can be very difficult, especially if the software is complicated and does not like too big files. So today I wished to have Audacity on my desktop, because attaching and cutting sound files could be so easy.

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FRK-Feierabendradio (29. April 2011)

Posted on April, 06. 2011 at 23:05 » Blog

[In German] Der April 2011 hatte fünf Dienstage und an einem fünften Dienstag im Monat legt DJ Robb im Freien Radio Kassel außer der Reihe auf. Der 29. April 2011 stand dem entsprechend unter dem Motto »Soul&Disco« mit Jan Delay & Disco No. 1, Cassius, Fettes Brot und dem Soundtrack von „Soul Kitchen“.

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January 2011

Net-electronic weekend

Posted on Januar, 15. 2011 at 00:31 » Blog Netaudio

Tonight DJ Robb has two new "girls" tracks for your net-electronic weekend. The first one is the latest mix by DJ Ama and than we have a video by Viktorias Sekret featuring hard electro by solofski/svenson.

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Bash tip: Convert whole playlist

Posted on Januar, 04. 2011 at 00:00 » Blog

Here is a little Bash tip as english translation from the partner radio frei²: Converting all audio files within a M3U playlist in a fast and easy way.

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