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Category Make Rave, not Hate 2023

«Make Rave, not Hate» is a monthly radio show at bermuda.funk in Mannheim and previously at Freies Radio Kassel.

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April 2023

Make Rave not Hate: (commercial) Old School Electro

Posted on April, 12. 2023 at 22:15 » Make Rave, not Hate

«Make Rave, not Hate» got inspired to an old school Electro dj-mix by the Justice title “Genesis“ that had been played in two movies recently seen. So DJ Robb took some more tracks by that band and WestBam, Depeche Mode, Confidence Man, Led Zeppelin and Alphaville to mix this set for “peace, joy and pancakes”. It is broadcasted in the April show of «Make Rave, not Hate».

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March 2023

Make Rave not Hate: Mixotic 150

Posted on März, 16. 2023 at 21:39 » Netaudio Open Content Make Rave, not Hate

«Make Rave, not Hate» plays the almost 15 years old Mixotic set «150.11» by dabas-e in March. It is announced as “a 100% party set to celebrate”. Having a look at the well-known track list lets us acknowledge this statement.

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January 2023

Happy New Year «Make Rave, not Hate»!

Posted on Januar, 13. 2023 at 17:03 » Make Rave, not Hate

«Make Rave, not Hate» welcomes the year 2023 with a surprise dj-set of various styles and artists – but probably no open music. So listen live!

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