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Why Audacity Rocks

Posted on April, 06. 2011 at 23:50 » Open Content Blog

Producing a three hour radioshow using software can be very difficult, especially if the software is complicated and does not like too big files. The program used in the radio (no names here) had problems importing TRV$DJAMs MP3 files (different sampling rates), so I had to resample all 14 files before putting them into one big WAV file. My own DJ-Set laid on the harddisk as another WAV file and the concert recording exists as MP3 file. Together with the introduction the whole folder looked like a so called "sound montage" to me. But as the radioshow has a duration of three hours it results in a WAV file larger than 2 GB. Maybe exporting as MP3 would do it, but instead I tried to copy all tracks into one big file, but the program seems to use WAV internally and would not let me create files with a duration of three hours or so. The work-around had been creating a CD image and compressing it to MP3.

So today I wished to have Audacity on my desktop, because attaching and cutting sound files could be so easy. Audacity has no problems attaching MP3 (or many other types of) files. Although the project folders become very large, the folder structure has no problems with files of several GB in size. And using different tracks it is very easy to mount files to a new set.

So I sat almost two hours in the radio for producing three hours using only complete tracks. In three hours I could have recorded the whole show into the computer. But with copy&paste I estimate the time amount of creating the show as half an hour (or let it be one hour, but much less than two hours).


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