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Net-electronic weekend

Posted on Januar, 15. 2011 at 00:31 » Blog Netaudio

Tonight DJ Robb has two new "girls" tracks for your net-electronic weekend. The first one is the latest mix by the famous DJ Ama, Destressor {This is Progressive House}. I didn't know progressive house before, but a great silvester party and this awesome set by DJ Ama introduced very powerful electronic music for me, DJ Robb says. It's very interesting to see the richness of her style. I know her sets from the old time of the YouTube Mixes and I always enjoyed it. For fans there is also a podcast available.

The second one is the video Stay in shape 4 feminism by Viktorias Sekret featuring hard electro by solofski/svenson feat. mommie dearest called do my clit. I found the video/the song via the german blog Mädchenmannschaft – Samstagabendbeat mit Viktorias Sekret (girls team – saturday night with Viktorias Sekret). And, well, it's an interesting kind of feminism. My conclusion: feminism also means women do what they want, so this is much personal freedom. And why shouldn't girls do what they wanna do?


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