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Category Open Content 2021

There is a lot of open content available, not only music, but also movies, texts, graphics and so on. This category tells about them.

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October 2021

Make Rave, not Hate presents iD.mix002

Posted on Oktober, 14. 2021 at 16:00 » Netaudio Open Content Make Rave, not Hate

In the upcoming show «Make Rave, not Hate» presents something from the «iD.EOLOGY» archive: iD.mix002 – “Depth Touch Data Control” by Sudio is in, followed by two tracks from the Monomatik EP “We claim these words as our own” [iD.024]

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August 2021

Supafeed Retrospective

Posted on August, 18. 2021 at 23:39 » Netaudio Open Content Make Rave, not Hate

The next show of «Make Rave, not Hate» is in collaboration with «frei²» and features the Supafeed retrospective there: We play the Supafeed Mix 001 “Every Day”.

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May 2021

DJ Robb – Make Rave, not Hate Retrospective 2021-05

Posted on Mai, 22. 2021 at 00:03 » Make Rave, not Hate Open Content Netaudio Releases About the Label

This show of the monthly «Make Rave, not Hate» is a dj-set as teaser for the Make Rave, not Hate special that Freies Radio Kassel broadcasts Monday nights.

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April 2021

DJ Robb: Make Rave, not Hate 2021-04: Ryoku & Cyan Music

Posted on April, 25. 2021 at 16:38 » Make Rave, not Hate Open Content Netaudio Releases

In April 2021 «Make Rave, not Hate» features the two German netlabels «Ryoku» and «Cyan Music». Their Deep House and Dub was broadcasted at bermuda.funk and Freies Radio Kassel and is now also available in our podcast.

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January 2021

Make Rave, not Hate features netwaves

Posted on Januar, 13. 2021 at 20:44 » Open Content Netaudio Make Rave, not Hate

The bermuda.funk radio show «Make Rave, not Hate» welcomes 2021 with a netwaves dj-set: «not Eindhoven» [nws.bpm040].

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