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November 2020

bermuda.funk gets 20 – special radio day

Posted on November, 20. 2020 at 13:18 » Blog

The community radio «bermuda.funk» celebrates its 20th birthday with a special day on air: 24 hours of information and music for this nice date. And the «Make Rave, not Hate» dj supports it.

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bermuda.funk gets 20 – Make Rave, not Hate pauses

Posted on November, 08. 2020 at 14:12 » Blog

The next regular broadcasting date of «Make Rave, not Hate» would be November 21st. On this day the hosting radio station «bermuda.funk» celebrates its 20th birthday, so we take a short break until December and celebrate the day with bermuda.funk.

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June 2020

Make Rave, not Hate: Make Drum'n'Bass

Posted on Juni, 18. 2020 at 21:25 » Blog Open Content Netaudio Make Rave, not Hate

In the upcoming »Make Rave, not Hate« in June 2020 we have the motto »Make Drum'n'Bass« featuring some plain old tracks from the former netlabel iD.EOLOGY.

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May 2020

Make Rave, not Hate: Marko Fürstenberg's Megamix

Posted on Mai, 16. 2020 at 10:06 » Blog Netaudio Make Rave, not Hate

In todays "Make Rave, not Hate" we have an oldie, but goldie: Marko Fürstenberg's Megamix has been released by "Deep in Dub" in the year 2006 and is still fresh.

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February 2020

Riding the last wave

Posted on Februar, 27. 2020 at 21:52 » Netaudio Open Content Blog

In March we say goodbye to the former netlabel «Wavelike» with a best-of dj-set in «Make Rave, not Hate». Before that frei² shows the variety of Wavelike music and at the end both shows are mixed together for a FRK show at night.

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So we have to derive Ogg Vorbis files …

Posted on Februar, 22. 2020 at 13:26 » About the Label Blog

For the latest uploads we stumbled across no Ogg Vorbis files being derived from our FLAC input. A short question in the «Netlabels Forum» there revealed that they do not derive Ogg Vorbis anymore. But we keep using them and do this job from now on.

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January 2020

Make Rave, not Hate: Starfrosch's 18

Posted on Januar, 18. 2020 at 10:36 » Blog Netaudio Make Rave, not Hate

The swiss netaudio platform »Starfrosch« is now 18 years old – so it's “grown up” and eligble to dance all night in the club. »Make Rave, not Hate« invites to a birthday party on air.

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