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bermuda.funk Birthday Summarized

Posted on August, 17. 2023 at 09:52 » Make Rave, not Hate Blog

Mannheim-based community radio bermuda.funk celebrates its 25th birthday (and 23 years on air) this year. At the end of July we had a 24 hour birthday party broadcasted. Make Rave, not Hate featuring frei² had 30 minutes dj-set and a lot of other tracks played – and intended to play. The set and the tracks not played are making up the Make Rave, not Hate show in August:


  1. Craque – Density Operator [gruen025] – Interfere
  2. Blondo Connolly – The Lost imini tapes [brq137] – Rimini Express
  3. Dumb Dan – BEVLAR USER 08 – Rude Rhythm (I've Had Enough) {appeared also on BEVLAR A01}
  4. Dirk Geiger – Neckar [Netz06] – Bei Mannheim in den Rhein
  5. Marie W. Anders – Andersworld Remixes [brq133] – land of nod (max cavalerra rmx)
  6. Cie – Durchzug [brq125] – The Call
  7. Helaku – Techno Tape 2020 [CR124] – Don't Belive in Fake Techno
  8. Pedro Duarte – Pacific Blue EP [RAR026] – Pacific Blue
  9. Laurent Garnier – Still Music – Bang (The Underground Doesn't Stop)
  10. Mike Breitfeld – Landflucht EP [brq03] – Technique4
  11. Luigi Madonna – [PLUS8123] – Summer Sensation
  12. Amos - The Imperator of Pop – Amos Remixes – I Can't Stop My Feet (Electro spirit mainstream house remix)


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