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Who needs a #CopyrightDirective?

Posted on März, 25. 2019 at 22:26 » Netaudio Open Content Blog

… if you could have open content? frei² asked this question in its show in March, referring to the Starfrosch article Why give your music away for free?

The following paragraph is the English translation of frei²'s German blogpost:

Starfrosch tweetet on March 6th:

Link with no worries about #article13 to #OpenMusic. We've always been there and we're still here. We have no crisis. Go Open.

If you are listening to this show for already some half an hour or if you just have a look at the Starfrosch #hot111 and listen to the music there – that is definitively a really good sound, a modern sound, Open Music, it is no underground anymore, it is actually the alternative to “normal” music. I personally listen more or less to Open Music or community radio stations only – I do not care the “easy listening pop music of all times” – so: While in the EU we argue about article 13 of the #CopyrightDirective, have to face Fakenews, a good choice is visiting Starfrosch, CCMixter, discovering the Open Music Network, there is so much good music that would make up your whole life.

Go Open!


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