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Is Bevlar really dead?

Posted on November, 18. 2010 at 13:20 » Blog Open Content Netaudio

It has been now nearly four years since the netlabel Bevlar closed down. Starfrosch titled at that time, Bevlar is dead. But is it so simple and clear?

When I had a party some days ago I rediscovered most or (nearly?) all of the Bevlar collection at the Internet Archive. So the music is still there, you can comment and rate the releases. Does death look like that? I don't think so.

But, as the story about former netradio PartyStation showed, there is still a caveat for Bevlar fans: Bevlar decided to put their music under the restrictive by-nc-nd Creative Commens (CC) license. So you are not allowed to mix or remix the tracks for public performance. In this sense you might call Bevlar "dead" for djs, but it was never that alive because of the license.

For me as listener this is OK, and it's still great music. For me as dj I have to respect the license and I could understand the decision, because by-nc-nd is the best way for the producer to control public performance of his work. But for me as dj it's still great music …


  1. Ist Bevlar wirklich tot? - frei²


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