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Here we are finally

Posted on Dezember, 13. 2008 at 16:14 » About the Label

OK, there is really some time gone when we first worked around this news blog for FRee-K Sounds and already nobody noticed it, because we didn't tell anybody about it ;-) But today should be the day that we open this new section on the FRee-K Sounds website: Here is now the FRee-K Sounds News blog! It is powered by Jlog 1.1.2 using some very nice plugins as mentioned in the article before.

Although we all speak german, too, we write this blog in english to reach a larger audience of music FRee-Ks around the globe. We hope that is no problem for you, if in doubt, shout ;-) And now we wish you a lot of fun with FRee-K Sounds, its new News section and don't forget to subscribe to our RSS feeds!


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