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Posted on September, 26. 2012 at 18:24 » About the Label Blog

Elek3, pronouned a bit like french «elek trois», is the theme of the latest radioshow at Freies Radio Kassel. Elek3 means some special kinds of electronic music, e.g. Electro Swing. And it is the theme of the last radioshow broadcasted from Salzmann Factory. The reason is that Freies Radio Kassel has to move from Salzmann's to another place. Until the next episodes of our partner show frei² could be broadcasted (after moving), we have here the playlist of Elek3 and please also enjoy their podcast and news.

Elek3 Playlist

  1. Justice – Audio, Video, Disco – Horse Power
  2. Caravan Palace – Spirit Electro Swing Compilation – Dragons
  3. Cassius – 1999 – Cassius 99 Remix (Radio)
  4. Jem Stone – Electro Swing – Grand Fandango
  5. Waldeck – Electro Swing – Bei mir bist du schön
  6. Cassius – 1999 – Feeling for you
  7. Betina Bager – Electro Swing – Singing in the rain (love baby)
  8. Fred Astaire – Puttin' on the Ritz (Club des Belugas Remix)
  9. Deichkind – Befehl von ganz unten – Pferd aus Glas
  10. Lazlo – Electro Swing – Sucette
  11. 78plus – Electro Swing – Sie Will
  12. Hot Steppa – Electro Swing – Jericho


  1. Sendepause im Freien Radio Kassel - frei²


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