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DJs impressions of a night on air

Posted on August, 13. 2010 at 18:58 » Open Content About the Label Blog

Our labels DJ Robb performed last week eight hours at the Frei House Disco Night #5 »Night Tracks« – presented by the radioshow frei². In this blog post he gives some impressions of a night on air:

First of all I want to guide your attention to some rather short, but very nice videos I took while celebrating this night. Although this link is in german, I hope you can figure out the videos and their sources. If in trouble, please do not hesitate asking here. The reactions on this videos and the whole radioshow are incredible. But today I want to show some pictures I took:

The Freies Radio Kassel before starting the show.
This picture shows the station Freies Radio Kassel just before the Frei House Disco Night starts. The neon tube displays the stations acronym »FRK«. Seconds later I filmed the studio tour mentioned above.
View from the radiostation to Kassels city before starting the show
View from the radiostation, which is located at the Salzmann Factory, to the sundown over Kassels city. The concise towers belong to the Martins Kirche.
Same view as before, but at dark night
This is the same view, but at dark night (5:20, right before sunrise).
On the way home, having a last eye on the Salzmann Factory
On my way home after having performed eight hours on air, I had a last eye on the Salzmann Factory.


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