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DJ Robb – Make Rave, not Hate Retrospective 2021-05

Posted on Mai, 22. 2021 at 00:03 » Make Rave, not Hate Open Content Netaudio Releases About the Label

This show of the monthly Make Rave, not Hate is a dj-set as teaser for the Make Rave, not Hate special that Freies Radio Kassel broadcasts Monday nights. It consists of two parts:

Commercial Music

Eliphino – More than Me
Egoexpress – Everybody
Kiko – Flash
Confidence Man – C.O.O.L. Party
Global Deejays – One Night in Bangkok

Creative Commons Music

The second part is released as [FReeKS018] under the (CC) license by-nc-nd.

  1. Nicolas Eller – [SUPA012] Nightshift EP – Carmelita (Jens Kohlenberg Remix)
  2. Pedro Duarte – [RAR026] Pacific Blue EP – Pacific Blue
  3. Hakim – The Hakim 101 EP [RAR001] – Latenight Groove
  4. Rob Keens – Cloud Presets [stadt011] – Nimbus
  5. HCI04 – [EAR087] Cooperate EP – Toxic waltz
  6. Yatsuo Motoki – [stadt003] Circular Motion – Pitchmode
  7. Gurtz – [stadt010] Casa De Verano – Vacaciones



Werbung für das FRK-Nachtprogramm mit Make Rave, not Hate (German Blog Post)

Posted on Mai, 13. 2021 at 17:02 » Make Rave, not Hate Netaudio Releases

In der kommenden Ausgabe von »Make Rave, not Hate« hörst du eine Zusammenfassung der fünfstündigen Sendenacht, die das Freie Radio Kassel Dienstags von 1 bis 6 Uhr ausstrahlt. Wir haben dazu ausgewählte Musik der Sondersendung neu zusammengemixt.

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Make Rave, not Hate im FRK-Nachtprogramm (German Blog Post)

Posted on Mai, 07. 2021 at 21:51 » About the Label Releases Blog Make Rave, not Hate

Das Freie Radio Kassel sendet ab dem 10. Mai 2021 im Nachtprogramm eine fünfstündige Zusammenfassung von fünf Jahren Make Rave, not Hate. Die Sendung wird in der Nacht von Montag auf Dienstag ausgestrahlt.

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DJ Robb: Make Rave, not Hate 2021-04: Ryoku & Cyan Music

Posted on April, 25. 2021 at 16:38 » Make Rave, not Hate Open Content Netaudio Releases

In April 2021 «Make Rave, not Hate» features the two German netlabels «Ryoku» and «Cyan Music». Their Deep House and Dub was broadcasted at bermuda.funk and Freies Radio Kassel and is now also available in our podcast.

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Make Rave, not Hate features Ryoku and Cyan Music

Posted on April, 13. 2021 at 23:20 » Blog Netaudio Make Rave, not Hate

This show of «Make Rave, not Hate» mixes Deep House from Ryoku's «It's Friday Series» with recent Dub and House music coming from Cyan Music.

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