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DJ Robb – Make Rave, not Hate – Make Love Part 2 2016-08-13

Posted on August, 20. 2016 at 21:46 » Open Content Netaudio Releases

In the series Make Rave, not Hate we have the next dj-set. It is titled Make Love Part 2, because the first one was unfortunately non-free music. This summer set features some former netlabels like stadtgruen [stadt] or Music Artistry [MA] and some current labels like Broque [brq] or iD.EOLOGY [iD]. For the Melomania part we also have some 30 minutes of Drum&Bass for you.

Cover: FRee-K Sounds 005: DJ Robb – Make Rave, not Hate – Make Love Part 2 2016-08-13

The dj-set DJ Robb – Make Rave, not Hate – Make Love Part 2 2016-08-13 has the label code FReeKS005 and is released under the terms of the CC license by-nc-nd. It has a play time of two hours and is released in lossy MP3 or Ogg Vorbis – see the page for details; they have also a nice PDF cover image.



DJ Robb – Make Rave, not Hate 2016-05-07: Edition CODA [FReeKS003]

Posted on August, 08. 2016 at 18:16 » Open Content Netaudio Releases

This dj-set in the series Make »Rave, not Hate« features the former netlabel CODA. It was known for fine electronic music that pushes you onto the dancefloor: strong techno and vibrating house. The tracks played in this mix are a good point showing that rave is always better than hate.

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DJ Robb – Make Rave, not Hate 2016-07-30 [FReeKS004]

Posted on August, 03. 2016 at 20:48 » Open Content Netaudio Releases

After the rather "short" time of seven years we are proud zu present the next music release on FRee-K Sounds. It is a Creative Commons music set performed by DJ Robb as live mix in his regular show »Make Rave, not Hate«. The set was played on air at the end of July.

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Make Rave, Not Hate … Make Love!

Posted on June, 18. 2016 at 11:38 » Blog

Während viele Menschen in Europa beim Fußball mitfiebern und feiern, knallt es neben den Stadien auf den Straßen (Hooligans), Ballern verklemmt Frustrierte in Discos, fordern Staatspräsidenten Bluttests, bezeichnen sich Lokalpolitiker als „Nazis“ … als sei Haß auch nur irgendein Lösungsansatz für die Probleme der Gegenwart. Dem setzen wir etwas entgegen: Freiheit, Rave und Liebe.

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Make Rave, not Hate: Hard'n'Heavy

Posted on April, 21. 2016 at 23:06 » Blog

(German Blog Post) Seit kurzem gibt es alle zwei Wochen samstags eine neue Sendung im Freien Radio Kassel: »Make Rave, not Hate«. Das ist eine Stunde politische elektronische Musik. Diesen Samstag lautet das Motto »Hard'n'Heavy“.

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