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bermuda.funk Birthday Summarized

Posted on August, 17. 2023 at 11:52 » Make Rave, not Hate Blog

Mannheim-based community radio bermuda.funk celebrates its 25th birthday (and 23 years on air) this year. At the end of July we had a 24 hour birthday party broadcasted. Make Rave, not Hate featuring frei² had 30 minutes dj-set and a lot of other tracks played – and intended to play. The set and the tracks not played are making up the Make Rave, not Hate show in August:


  1. Craque – Density Operator [gruen025] – Interfere
  2. Blondo Connolly – The Lost imini tapes [brq137] – Rimini Express
  3. Dumb Dan – BEVLAR USER 08 – Rude Rhythm (I've Had Enough) {appeared also on BEVLAR A01}
  4. Dirk Geiger – Neckar [Netz06] – Bei Mannheim in den Rhein
  5. Marie W. Anders – Andersworld Remixes [brq133] – land of nod (max cavalerra rmx)
  6. Cie – Durchzug [brq125] – The Call
  7. Helaku – Techno Tape 2020 [CR124] – Don't Belive in Fake Techno
  8. Pedro Duarte – Pacific Blue EP [RAR026] – Pacific Blue
  9. Laurent Garnier – Still Music – Bang (The Underground Doesn't Stop)
  10. Mike Breitfeld – Landflucht EP [brq03] – Technique4
  11. Luigi Madonna – [PLUS8123] – Summer Sensation
  12. Amos - The Imperator of Pop – Amos Remixes – I Can't Stop My Feet (Electro spirit mainstream house remix)


Directly from Broque: Tim Susa – 1982

Posted on Juni, 15. 2023 at 23:38 » Netaudio Open Content Make Rave, not Hate

In the upcoming «Make Rave, not Hate» show we “simply” present Tim Susa's album «1982». Broque has released it as brq144 and describes it as “Techno history lesson”.

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Regelmäßige Reflexion der Sendung (german blog post)

Posted on Juni, 08. 2023 at 22:22 » Blog Make Rave, not Hate

Der Moderator der Sendung Make Rave, not Hate (sowie weiterer Sendungen in den Freien Radios Kassel sowie bermuda.funk) reflektiert regelmäßig die eigenen Sendungen. Beim Nachdenken über die Bedeutung von Make Rave, not Hate, stolpert man direkt über Hate – Hass. Hass? Man stellt dabei schnell fest, dass Hass ein schwieriger Begriff ist – was ist Hass genau?

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Make Rave not Hate: (commercial) Old School Electro

Posted on April, 12. 2023 at 22:15 » Make Rave, not Hate

«Make Rave, not Hate» got inspired to an old school Electro dj-mix by the Justice title “Genesis“ that had been played in two movies recently seen. So DJ Robb took some more tracks by that band and WestBam, Depeche Mode, Confidence Man, Led Zeppelin and Alphaville to mix this set for “peace, joy and pancakes”. It is broadcasted in the April show of «Make Rave, not Hate».

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Make Rave not Hate: Mixotic 150

Posted on März, 16. 2023 at 21:39 » Netaudio Open Content Make Rave, not Hate

«Make Rave, not Hate» plays the almost 15 years old Mixotic set «150.11» by dabas-e in March. It is announced as “a 100% party set to celebrate”. Having a look at the well-known track list lets us acknowledge this statement.

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