FRee-K Sounds 004: DJ Robb – Make Rave, not Hate-2016-07-30

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FRee-K Sounds 004: DJ Robb – Make Rave, not Hate-2016-07-30 is released under a Creative Commons License. FRee-K Sounds 004: DJ Robb – Make Rave, not Hate-2016-07-30 @ Internet Archive

1DJ RobbMake Rave, not Hate 2016-07-30




The last Make Rave, not Hate for July 2016 is a two-hour Creative Commons music set, featuring a lot of electronic beats for your summer experience. It is meant as a counterpart for all the strange guys that got really mad during the last weeks. Hey people, life is beautiful! There are two points I'd like to quote for emphasizing how great life can be.

The first one is all about music, from the german movie Absolute Giganten:

Es müsste immer Musik da sein. Bei allem was du machst. Und wenn's so richtig Scheiße ist, dann ist wenigstens noch die Musik da. Und an der Stelle, wo es am allerschönsten ist, da müsste die Platte springen und du hörst immer nur diesen einen Moment.

So there should always be music, because if things really go wrong, you still have the music. And in the good times the record should have a scratch, so that it plays the sound again and again.

The second quote appears in the deleted scene The meaning of Life in a movie about pirate radios, The Boat That Rocked – and guess what: it gives life a meaning.

The only thing in this crazy world that makes sense is rock'n'roll!


  1. Pasquale Maassen – Eternity is never long enough [ZIMMER136] – Zimmer136.2 - Schrotten Geotten {by-nc-nd}
  2. ANTIGUA – No More [wave018] – Oneiromany {by-nc-nd}
  3. CasinoSphere – Sounds of Summer: Volume 2 – CasinoVision (Gambler's Groove) {by-nc}
  4. Phish Funk – Discoteque [tou319] – Hold On {by-nc}
  5. Beat Doctor – Best Bytes Volume 3 [toulp8] – The Piano Tune {by-nc}
  6. Aerologic & Notch – Uneven Symmetry [tou323] – House Mix {by-nc}
  7. Franq – Common Ground EP [ZIMMER128] – Zimmer128.4 - PRNCSS {by-nc-nd}
  8. Strobotone – [iD.067] Strobotone - Flashback Forward (LP) – Artificial Excellence {by-nc-nd}
  9. Fabrik Nos – Misguided [hi017] – Jungle Orbit {by-nc-nd}
  10. Rôd – Red Sunshine [ZIMMER137] – Listen Carefully {by-nc-nd}
  11. max cavalerra – [brq 075] billones de rayos solares – bienvenida primavera {by-nc-nd}
  12. Danny BlackBelt Andersen – Ninjastjerne [hi013] – Smack {by-nc-nd}
  13. Ceroform – Vicious Mind EP [hi016] – Vicious Mind (SideChain Remix) {by-nc-nd}
  14. Psychadelik Pedestrian v Blastculture – Sleep Tight Remixes [tou321] – Hit The Deck (Steady State remix) {by-nc}
  15. Kyurox – Multiverse [ZIMMER135] – Zimmer135.1 - Spring {by-nc-nd}
  16. Kyurox – ZIMMER135 – Zimmer135.2 - Ten Billion Souls {by-nc-nd}
  17. BlackBelt Andersen – phase02 [hi010] – The Valley {by-nc-nd}
  18. Arthur Oskan – Immunity [hi015] – Bloor Viaduct {by-nc-nd}
  19. Simex – Blame [hi012] – Cibo (Terry Hart Remix) {by-nc-nd}
  20. Fabrik Nos – Misguided [hi017] – Murky Mischief {by-nc-nd}
  21. max cavalerra – [brq 075] billones de rayos solares – vuelo cromatico {by-nc-nd}
  22. Danny BlackBelt Andersen – Ninjastjerne EP [hi013] – Ninjastjerne {by-nc-nd}
  23. Wormhole – Deeper shades vol.6 (Netlabel day edition) [NYB/EXT 016] – Light Skeleton {by-nd}
  24. Osinski – Deeper shades vol.6 (Netlabel day edition) [NYB/EXT 016] – Narcotics {by-nd}


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